Fire safe council honors artists |

Fire safe council honors artists

by Joyce DeVore

Chairman Al Moss and several members of Alpine Fire Safe Council came to Diamond Valley School on Oct. 28 to announce the winners of the second annual poster contest. This year’s contest theme was “If the forest could talk.”

Teachers instructed the students about the complex issues of forest and fire safety, then each student illustrated the concepts on a poster. Contest winners received a gift card for Scholastic Books, which are ordered in each classroom. First and second place was awarded for each class: Grades7/8, Julia Gomez, Stella John; Grade 6, Amanda Process, Kendall Ornellas; Grade 5, Hunter Celio, Shirley Butler; Grade 4, Andrew Voss, Courtney Brothers; Grade No. 3, Toria Franzi, McKinna Jackson, Grade 2, Sophie Bell, Austin Process; Grade 1, Miles Vann, Arlina Dutchy; and Kindergarten/First: Lauren Ellis, Isabel Thompson. 

Posters are on display in the courthouse, administration building, and library.