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FFA Foundaiton offers development workshop for non-profits

by Michele Lewis

The Nevada FFA Foundation is sponsoring a funding development workshop especially designed to work with non-profit organizations. Whatever your location or particular project focus, you can definitely benefit from this workshop.

The 18-hour, two-day weekend workshop is not a theoretical, “talking head” seminar, but an intense, dynamic workshop during which attendees will actually:

n Write rough draft grant proposals (understandably with many blanks to be filled in after the workshop).

n Find a long list of specific, “qualified” donor prospects.

n Create a funding development plan.

n Become acquainted with the many funding data sources “out there” that can be accessed for continued research.

n Learn how to analyze existing and proposed fund-raising events and schemes.

n Plan how to set up your organization to receive perpetuity funding through planned gifts.

It has been proven important that at least one top member of your board of directors plus a key staff member attend together so that energy and momentum they achieve with the help of fellow participants workshop can be “down-loaded” and implemented into your organization’s planning.

The founder and presenter of the Ways-and-Means Opportunities (WAMO) workshop, Rick Macauley, is a nine-year resident of Reno and a graduate of the grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles. He is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce resource person and has been conducting these workshop for over 20 years, producing excellent results and creating a solid base of strong references. Everyone seems to agree that he proves that the very act of going through the training has been consistently effective in helping participant organizations to crystallize their collective thinking in terms of objectives and methods, work as a team, marshal resources previously unknown to them and locate and bring significant amounts of money to bear so their organizations are not hampered with small programs to meet large challenges.

The WAMO Workshop teaches and actually demonstrates how to employ the four elements of funding, grantsmanship, corporate sponsorship, fund-raising and planned gifts. The weekend workshop will be held Saturday, April 10, and Sunday, April 11, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Reno main library. Lunches will be included both days. The attendance fee is $150 per person.

Call 265-6905 for more details and reservations. The workshop is limited to 30 people.