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Father Bill is now at St. Gall Church

by Sheila Gardner

At age 61, Father Bill Nadeau has spent half his life as a Roman Catholic priest. The latest chapter in his career finds him as the administrator of St. Gall Catholic Church.

Nadeau was appointed by Bishop Philip Straling to serve the parish following the retirement June 30 of long-time pastor Father John Corona.

Nadeau said he was excited by the opportunity that comes with inheriting the legacy of Corona’s 22 years at St. Gall.

“I am elated that Father John was so loved by his parishioners,” Nadeau said. “He captivated the spirit of what Christ is all about.”

As administrator, Nadeau assumes all the responsibilities of the 758-family parish, located in Gardnerville and serving the Carson Valley.

“This is a very exciting challenge,” Nadeau said. “It’s such a dynamic parish, and the people have been wonderful. I’m really into collaboration and a big believer in letting people share their talents and gifts. I will continue to rely on the people to help me.”

Nadeau will serve as administrator for one year. At the end of that period, if Nadeau, Bishop Straling and the St. Gall parishioners agree, he will be offered a six-year appointment as pastor.

Before his assignment to St. Gall, Nadeau spent 25 years in prison ministry.

“I was fascinated by it,” he said. “Prison ministry is dear to my heart and I miss it, but I felt after 25 years, it was time to retire and turn it over to a younger person.”

He served as the department head in charge of all pastoral programs.

“I was responsible for coordinating multiple cultural and religious needs for the inmates, making sure their First Amendment rights were protected,” he said.

Nadeau is a native of St. Paul, Minn. He graduated from the University of Minnesota and earned his master’s degree in criminology in Texas. He worked in corrections systems in Terre Haute, Ind., Fort Worth, Texas, Phoenix, Ariz., San Diego and Terminal Island in California.

It was at Terminal Island that Nadeau developed his in-line skating skills, and one of the features that attracted Nadeau to the area is the opportunity for outdoor activities. Nadeau also swims, skis and plays racquetball.

“I used to skate 20 miles every day,” he said. “I deeply believe that you have to be in physical condition to be in spiritual condition.”