Family support offers conflict management |

Family support offers conflict management

by Cheri Warrell

Conflict is a part of everyone’s life, and how to deal with conflict and reach a resolution is often a difficult and confusing process.

One practice to help resolve conflict is mediation. Mediation practice is “the single most powerful tool in the alternative dispute resolution movement,” according to Robert Bush and Joseph Folger in their book, “The Promise of Mediation.”

The Family Support Council has recognized how difficult it is for families, businesses and communities to resolve conflict and has started a mediation program available to the community and surrounding areas.

Cheri Warrell, deputy director, will be the primary mediator for the program. This is the only program at Family Support Council which will charge a fee for service, and all the money collected will go to the council for direct services for families.

The council has information about how to choose a mediator, and other important things to consider when entering into mediation as well as a lending library specializing in family mediation, specifically divorce and custody issues.

For more information, contact Warrell or Karen Edwards at the Family Support Council, 782-8692.

Next week, Warrell will discuss the difference between mediation, medication, meditation and other things often confused with the mediation process in an article in the R-C.