Family Support Council wants you to stay home |

Family Support Council wants you to stay home

Staff reports

The Family Support Council is retiring its annual Hearts and Flowers Dinner-Dance and Auction after 16 years, and is telling everyone to just stay home.


Curl up in your pajamas and watch a family video or read a book with your children.

The Family Support Council hopes to make money off this kind of cozy night at home with its first “non-event” fund-raiser.

Instead of spending money buying a new dress, paying for child care and buying tickets, provide the agency with a donation and enjoy a quiet evening, says Family Support Council Director Karen Edwards.

The “non-event” idea is successful for many Reno organizations, and Edwards hopes it will be here, too.

Dinner-dance tickets were $45 each last year, and if one figures in all these other costs, donations could be substantial.

The “non-event” will feature written invitations, followed up by personal contact by board members. A date has been set, March 24.

“We would like people to send us their donations by that date,” Edwards said.

The deadline will give staff members a chance to plan for the end of the fiscal year. All money raised through the “non-event” will be used for domestic violence and sexual assault victims programs, parenting education and family case management and the myriad programs under these categories.

For information, call 782-8692.