Family astonished at big egg laid by hen |

Family astonished at big egg laid by hen

by Kate Gardner

A Jacks Valley family is eagerly waiting to find out what’s inside a large egg they found in the family chicken coop .

The egg, at least twice the size of an average egg, was found last month by Jennifer Orvis, 8.

“My daughter came running out of the coop and said, ‘I think there’s something wrong, mom!'” Jolene Orvis said with a laugh.

“All I could think of when I saw it was the poor hen! I’m amazed that the chicken was able to lay it,” she said.

Orvis isn’t sure which chicken laid the egg.

“We have a rabbit, two ducks who are kept separate from the chickens, six old chickens, six baby chickens and a rooster. We’re not sure who the egg is from, but I don’t think we need to worry about that,” she said.

Orvis, a “housemom,” hasn’t cracked open the egg yet. While she isn’t sure what to expect out of the egg, she has an idea of what she would like to see.

“Right now the egg is just resting in the refrigerator. I’m waiting for my friend to come over and videotape me. I saw a similar story on the news and there was whole other egg inside of the big one that they opened. I hope that happens again!” Orvis said.

Her children, Jennifer and David, 10, are having fun with all the commotion as well.

“They love it. It’s like we’re the center of attention,” Orvis said.

Orvis, 38, lives in Jacks Valley with her husband, Scott and their two children.

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