Earthquake prompts emergency declaration |

Earthquake prompts emergency declaration

A crack left in Highway 95 by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake on May 15. NDOT photo

Less than 30 minutes after Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a statement about declaring a state of emergency in central Nevada over a 6.4-magnitude earthquake, the spot responded with a 5.2-magnitude temblor.

The earthquake was the largest in Nevada in two-thirds of a century and did severe damage to Highway 95 near the Coaldale Junction in Esmeralda County.

Sisolak said further inspection of the roads in the area, including both 95 and Highway 6 revealed damage that was beyond the extent of normal repair, exceeding $700,000.

The declaration allows the state to access federal Highway Administration Emergency Response funding.  The assistance of the Nevada Department of Transportation is needed to immediately begin reconstruction on the affected areas to protect the health and safety of those within our State lines, he said.

“We will do everything in our power to maintain the safety and security of everyone traveling on our roadways,” Sisolak said. “This declaration of emergency will help the Nevada Department of Transportation respond quickly and efficiently.”