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Drug charge leads to prison time

A Nevada prison inmate received an additional 4-10 years in prison after he was convicted of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Paul Gary Driskell, 45, admitted to the charge on Feb. 11.

Driskell was sentenced in Washoe County and has been in prison on that case since April 2018, attorney Melissa Rosenthal said, asking for 2-5 years.

She said Driskell’s parents were elderly and they wanted him home to help care for them.

Prosecutor Peter Handy said the sales charge on May 12, 2017, was a separate matter from the Douglas case.

“He has a storied history and should get a lengthy prison sentence for punitive reasons and to protect the community.”

A South Lake Tahoe man admitted he picked up three packages of Ecstacy from the Stateline Post Office last year.

Sean A. Robinson, 29, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to commit conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

The charge can be treated as either a felony or gross misdemeanor at sentencing. The most Robinson could face if it is a felony is 1-4 years in prison.

Robinson and Michael T. Culletto, 35, were arrested Sept. 19, 2018, after postal inspectors learned packages containing MDMA were en route. Robinson picked up the packages, but Culletto was in the vehicle when Robinson was arrested. At the time, Culletto was taken into custody on a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear.

Culletto is denying involvement with the drug transaction and a May 28 trial has been scheduled.

Robinson was ordered to appear for sentencing on July 22.

A Coleville man is facing up to five years in prison after he admitted to conspiring to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Bradley W. Robasciotti, 36, was arrested late on Jan. 14, on Kingsbury Grade near the Nevada Department of Transportation Yard. He was stopped after his pickup allegedly crossed the double yellow line into the path of a sheriff’s patrol vehicle.

According to court documents, he had two bags consisting of more than 4 grams of methamphetamine underneath his seat.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 17.