Douglas tops state voter turnout |

Douglas tops state voter turnout

An election worker sanitizes stations in the waning minutes of Election Day 2020 at the Douglas County Community & Senior Center in Gardnerville.
Kurt Hildebrand

While not the highest turnout in Douglas history, the 86.71-percent turnout for the 2020 Election is the highest in the state, according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. Lincoln County came in second with 84.86 percent. Commissioners are scheduled to canvass the vote on Monday.

Douglas County Republicans turned out for President Trump, but a comparison between the vote total reported to the Secretary of State’s Office and the county’s registration shows there wasn’t a lot of crossover.

Trump, who conducted a Sept. 12 rally at Minden-Tahoe Airport, received 21,237 votes in Douglas, only 79 more than the number of active Republican voters as of Nov. 10.

Former Vice President Joe Biden received 11,390 votes, or 33.96 percent of the county’s electorate. There are only 8,725 active registered Democrats in the county, according to the clerk’s office.

In comparison, Barack Obama received 10,671 votes in 2008, but because there were fewer overall voters, won a higher percentage.

No Democrat has won Douglas County for president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932, during the depth of the Great Depression.

On Tuesday, Douglas County Superintendent of Schools Keith Lewis introduced new school board members Tony Magnotta and Doug Englekirk.

Magnotta owns a business that provides due diligence information to law firms and banks, and has coached for a number of years.

Englekirk a general contractor who has lived at Skyland since 1995, said he’d just come from pouring 36 yards of concrete.

“I look forward to working with you,” he said.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Douglas County Clerk’s Office mailed out 39,015 ballots to active voters in the county. Of those, 1,111 were returned as undeliverable.

Of the 19,074 mailed ballots returned to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office 18,954 were accepted according to final figures issued Thursday evening.

Of those, 124 were rejected, with 91 having nonmatching signatures, 15 having no signature and 14 because they weren’t received on time. According to the clerk’s office four ballots required proof of identity were rejected when that wasn’t provided. Of the 384 mailed ballots that required someone to fix the signature, 278 were corrected and counted.


President of the United States

                                    Douglas      State

Donald Trump           21,630       635,089

Joe Biden*                 11,571       671,955

Representative in Congress

Mark Amodei             22,366       211,768

Patricia Ackerman    10,389       153,167

Assembly District 39

Jim Wheeler 22,224    29,498

Deborah Chang    9,957         12,910

Supreme Court Justice D

Douglas Herndon 18,100       538,136

Ozzie Fumo               7,228         428,956

Appeals Judge Dept. 3

Bonnie Bulla              10,301       482,492

Susan Bush                10,312       404,401

Douglas County Commissioner District 3

Mark Gardner            21,998

Charles Holt               9,466

District 9 Judge

Nathan Tod Young                     19,820

Caren Cafferata-Jenkins             9,070

School Board Area 1

Tony Magnotta         14,013

Yvonne Wagstaff       11,665

School Board Area 3

Doug Englekirk         14,797

Larry Sidney              10,926

East Fork Fire District 1

John Bellona              14,907

Terry Faff                    6,837

East Fork Fire District 5

Michael Sommers     12,726

Steven Mihelic          9,460

Gardnerville Ranchos GID

Bob McDowell           2,999

James McKalip          2,687

Darby Baligad           1,972

Indian Hills GID

Teri Gray                 1,036

Dale Dunham            935

Russ Siegman            839

Anthony Rivano        612

Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District

Barbara Smallwood 2,907

Ray Wilson                 1,906

Tim Bunting              1,743

Seth Altamirano        936

Topaz Ranch Estates GID

Brandon Taylor         449

Gerald Clark               402

George Barber           377

Sharon Ferris             238

Roundhill GID

Gregg Rossi                240

Darin Smith               237

Janet Murphy           133

Michael Murphy       77

Skyland GID

Larry Sidney              134

Dana Englekirk          120

Kevin Lavo                 113

Jonathan Herwig      107

Dennis Berry              104

Richard Nice              104

Mark Koffman            100

Jeffrey Wright            94

County Question 1

No              17,565

Yes             13,628

County Question 2

No              18,892

Yes             13,356

County Question 3

No              16,610

Yes             15,667