Douglas Republican committee offers Web site |

Douglas Republican committee offers Web site

Staff reports

The Douglas County Republican Central Committee now has its own Web site:

Tim Edwardson developed the site based on input he received from Central Committee members.

“I need to credit everybody in the committee for their input. They told me what they’d like to see. The Web site is designed for several purposes. The primary one is to promote community and political involvement so people can participate and make a difference,” Edwardson said.

The Web site has information on the Central Committee and links to other sites.

“Our counters show we are getting more and more visitors each day and it’s growing rapidly,” Edwardson said. “I believe the Internet has a potential for improving the political process because it allows for greater interaction between elected officials and their constituency.

“I also believe it will revolutionize the way candidates are able to both present their message and facilitate feedback. The commissioners are using it and so are our assemblyman and senator from our district,” he said.

Edwardson said he has been a mainframe computer programmer for years, and this is the first Web site he’s designed.

“It’s great,” he said. “A computer programmer can take weeks and months to develop a system and you rarely see an end product. This is instant gratification. It just takes a few minutes to get the page up and running.”

The Web site’s E-mail “activist page” lists E-mail addresses of media organizations, state, local and federal officials. The bulletin board allows visitors to post opinions or respond to other comments on Douglas County issues, Nevada legislation, national issues and the upcoming campaign.

The site also lists upcoming Republican Central Committee activities on a calendar page.