Douglas primary turnout second in state |

Douglas primary turnout second in state

County commissioner-elect Mark Gardner takes a victory lap in Saturday's Carson Valley Days Parade.
Kurt Hildebrand

At 47.71 percent, Douglas had the second highest turnout in the all-mail Nevada primary.

While the District 1 race turned on a razor’s edge, with challenger Danny Tarkanian up by 17 votes over Commissioner Dave Nelson, both District 3 candidate Mark Gardner and District 5 candidate Walt Nowosad have won their races, according to final unofficial results released on Wednesday.

Humboldt County, where there was also a close county commissioner race, topped the state with 48.49 percent turnout.

A Zephyr Cove woman said her ballot wasn’t counted because the Post Office scanned the wrong side and she didn’t find out until too late to return it.

Doreen Andriacci said she mailed her and her husband’s ballots on June 5 before going on a trip to Arizona the next day.

She said that when she checked the mail when she got back, the ballot was still there. Andriacci said her husband’s ballot arrived at the Clerk’s office and was counted.

She spoke with the Post Master at Zephyr Cove on Monday.

“The markings clearly indicated the envelope was processed by the post office, but the post office did not date stamp ballots until the day after I mailed my ballot, meaning I could not prove my ballot was mailed in time,” she said.

Douglas County Election Administrator Dena Dawson said the clerk’s office heard from Andriacci.

“Her situation was super frustrating because she was out of town and unable to get the ballot to us in time to have it counted,” Dawson said.

The clerk’s office is aware of four other instances, but was able to accept the ballots because they made it back to the clerk’s office within the deadline.

Two were returned early on in the election cycle, so they were dealt with in plenty of time.

“The other two were after Election Day, but before the deadline to receive mail ballots so we were able to get them processed,” Dawson said.

The clerk has notified the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office in an effort to prevent any future issues.