Douglas High ranks 11 statewide |

Douglas High ranks 11 statewide

by Kelsey Penrose

Douglas High School ranked 11 out of 130 in the state’s “best high schools,” and earned a silver medal in the national rankings. Nationally, the high school is ranked as 1,560.

Schools are ranked by their performance on mandatory state tests, and on how prepared students are for college.

“I think there are a number of things that factor into Douglas High schools success,” said Principal Joe Girdner. “The first is that the entire Douglas County School District’s educational system is very strong from elementary through high school. Students come to DHS as freshmen prepared for high school curriculum. The second is that we have a very talented, dedicated, and hardworking staff that cares about kids. The third is that we have great families in our community that send us amazing students who have very high academic standards and goals. Our students are highly motivated, respectful, and willing to learn.”

Douglas High School’s College-Ready Student Performance Silver Medal ranking is based off of Advanced Placement offerings and test scores.

At Douglas High, 41 percent of students on average participate in the Advancement Placement classes, and DHS has an 84 percent success rate on the testing.

“We have great AP teachers who are very motivated to help students succeed in these very rigorous courses,” said Girdner. “We also have very motivated and gifted students that work very hard to prepare for college. For the last several years we have had over 300 students take over 500 AP exams, with a pass rate of at or above 80 percent. This pass rate is far above the international pass rate on AP exams and we are very proud of this.”

While advanced placement classes are generally tougher than typical classes, students and parents alike will be surprised to find out that taking these harder classes generally has no affect on their grades, and is not required nor asked for on the majority of college applications.

However, if a student scores high enough on the exam, it’s possible they can receive college credit for the course.

The college readiness index only gave Douglas a score of 36 out of 100, yet awarded it a silver medal award.