Douglas Democrats wrap up early voting |

Douglas Democrats wrap up early voting

Marion Barrett and Katherine Winans check in ballots on Presidents Day as part of the Democrats caucus.
Kurt Hildebrand

While much has been made of the technology issues in Iowa, Nevadans actually cast their ballots on paper.

Nevada Democrats tossed a cell phone app after the Iowa caucuses and used iPads and commercially available software to check in voters.

Early caucus participants ranked three to five choices on a paper ballot and deposited it into a sealed box at polling sites Saturday through Tuesday.

On Saturday volunteers will have at least had some practice working with the equipment, thanks to early voting.

On Wednesday, the Nevada Democratic party announced it was conducting additional training for its roughly 3,000 volunteers before Saturday’s caucus. An estimated 36,000 Democrats participated in caucuses early across Nevada over the long weekend. Figures for Tuesday’s early voting or specific numbers for Douglas County were unavailable.

There are 9,000 registered Democrats in Douglas County, who will be meeting to decide who they would prefer as the party’s nominee, select delegates for the county convention and suggest platforms they’d like to see the party pursue.

Unlike previous caucuses, those who just wanted to weigh in on the nominee were able to cast ballots early at locations across the county.

Nevada is the third state to participate in the nomination process and the first in the West.

On Monday, a poll watcher for Mayor Pete Buttigieg attended voting at Democratic headquarters in Minden.

The county has seen visits from candidates Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer, who owns a lakefront estate at Lake Tahoe. Steyer said he milked cows for the Springmeyers when he was 18, according to his campaign.