Douglas Democrats gather to weigh in on presidential nominees today, but results announcement may wait |

Douglas Democrats gather to weigh in on presidential nominees today, but results announcement may wait

The list of Douglas County Democratic Caucus locations for today's sessions.

Most Douglas County Democrats will be going to school today when they gather to conduct caucuses.

Seven of the county’s nine caucus sites are located at schools, including Carson Valley Middle, Meneley Elementary, Douglas High, Whittell High, Jacks Valley Elementary Pau-Wa-Lu Middle and Piñon Hills Elementary.

The only locations not in schools today are the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department and the Washoe Housing Authority, which are only hosting three precincts between them.

Check-in is 10 a.m. and the caucus starts at noon.

Unlike last weekend’s early voting for the caucus, Democrats will have to attend the location for their precinct.

Because voters only caucus every four years, there will also be some education on the caucus process required .

There were 9,179 Democrats registered to vote in Douglas County as of Feb. 3. What percentage of those participated in early voting has not yet been released, though statewide an estimated 75,000 people participated in the early caucus procedure. Not all of those were registered as Democrats at the beginning of the month. Those wishing to participate in the caucus may register today if they’d like.

Once caucus participants are checked in they will gather by presidential preference to determine who has sufficient support to bind a delegate to a particular candidate. Those participants who back a candidate without sufficient numbers to produce a delegate may reshuffle to join groups with more popular candidates.

When the whole square dance is over, the number of voters for each viable candidate is added up and delegates determined.

Party officials will then combine those results with those from ballots cast early to determine who won the state.

The state Democratic Party is managing expectations on when those results will be available, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez telling the Associated Press the party won’t commit to releasing results today.

That’s backed up by the fact that the state party hasn’t released figures for the number of early voters in each of the counties.

Nevada hasn’t seen a presidential primary since 1980, so the caucus will be the only opportunity voters have to weigh in on their party nominee.

Republicans are holding their Central Committee meeting in Pahrump today where they are expected to hold a vote on binding their delegates to President Trump and endorse his campaign.