Douglas County 4-H annual Awards Night Ceremony |

Douglas County 4-H annual Awards Night Ceremony

Special to The R-C
4-H Cloverbud Portfolio Winners ages 5-8
Special to The R-C |

Douglas County 4-H held its annual Awards Night Ceremony on Oct. 13 with more than 225 in attendance. Members received Year Pins, Project Medals and Portfolio/ Recordbook Awards based on their hard work and commitment to their 4-H program. Volunteers and community supporters were on hand to be honored and to share in the festivities.

The evening started off with socializing followed by the formal Awards Ceremony which is planned and led by the 4-H Teen Leaders.

Master Of Ceremony:

Kasey Williams

Teen Award’s Night Committee:

Savannah Closson, Regan Hammond, Ethan McKinney, Falan Rose, Jordyn Rutherdale, Kasey Williams

The evening concluded with the Candle Lighting Ceremony and many fabulous door prizes followed by the end of year Power Point presentation with photos and music from the 4-H year (October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014). 4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. 4-H is a youth development program of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

A highlight of the night is the announcement of The Portfolio/Recordbook winners. A total of 67 entries were received this year. Portfolios contain ongoing and current years record keeping, essays and photos combined into a specific format. The Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley and 4-H community supporters, spend an entire day judging the books and also sponsor the cash awards for the winners.

On hand to present the awards were Kiwanis’s members John Adams and Steve Lewis.

Cloverbud Portfolio winners (ages 5-8)

Luke Fournier

Joel Nord

Lucia Nord

Dane Piazza

Sara Summers

Brody Whalen

Brendon Wymer

Talene Wymer

Junior Portfolio winners (ages 9-10)

Lillie McKinney 1st place

Noah Bonafede 2nd place

Grady Frensdorff 3rd place

Intermediate Portfolio winners (ages 11-13)

Ethan McKinney 1st place tie

Leah Ramsey-Kruse 1st place tie

Ava Ramsey-Kruse 2nd place

Natalie Hearn 3rd place tie

Sarah Van Nest 3rd place tie

Senior Portfolio winners (ages 14 & up)

Leah McKinney 1st place tie

Dominique Groffman 1st place tie

Corie Nalder 2nd place

Emily Hone 3rd place

Friends of 4-H (4-H supporters of 2013-14)

Aldax, Carol

Ace Hardware

Barbara Byington

Bently Ranch

Ben Willis, GE Energy

Big Daddy Bicycles and Fitness

Battle Born Wine

Carl & Marilyn Malkmus

Carson Valley Inn

Carson Valley Sertoma

Carson Valley United Methodist Church

Douglas County Farm Bureau

Douglas County Parks & Recreation

Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept.

Douglas Disposal

Full Circle Compost

Home Depot

James Settelmeyer

Joe Benigno’s Tree Service

JT Basque Bar & Dining Room

Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley

Laxague Feed

L. Michael Rottman, GE Energy

Mark Jensen, Dangberg Home Ranch

Meeks Lumber

Model Dairy

Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Record Courier


Tahoe Ridge Winery & Marketplace

Terry Wass

Tractor Supply Company

4-H Members Awards Note:

*member received their Year Pin (To earn a Year Pin the 4-H member must achieve a 75% attendance at meetings, perform community service, participate in fundraising and exhibit at an event)

**member received Year Pin and Project Medal (To earn a Project Medal the member must also complete an extensive Portfolio from their 4-H year)

1st Year Members

Alexander, Wesley

Apple, Caleb*

Apple, Shelby*

Aragon-Mignone, Jovani

Ballingham, Reese

Barron, Shawn

Blosser, Brody

Bonafede, Noah**

Boogman, Ruth**

Brier, Jacob

Bryant, Joshua**

Bryant, Sarah**

Carey, MacKenzie*

Carlquist, Cody

Chapton, Adeline*

Chapton, Alexander

Chapton, Savannah*

Chia, Olivia

Clutts, Andrew

Clutts, Austin

Collins, Maegan

Collins, Marin

Cooney, John

Cooney, Samantha

Cotton, Samantha*

Demer, Nathaniel

Demer, Paisley

Doherty, Cuinn

duPont-Moore, Ella

duPont-Moore, Grace

duPont-Moore, Sophia

Eddy, Byron*

Edmunds, Allie

Evans, Carly

Fields, Lilia

Flanders, Loghan

Fuller, Payge

Gonzales, Lilyana

Gonzalez, Elvis

Gonzalez, Selena

Gonzalez, Veronica

Guevara-Gates, Araceli

Hall, Caroline

Haskins, Malia

Herbig, Anna

Herbig, Ryan

Hinnant, Kyla*

Hochgurtel, David*

Holland, Alyssa**

Hollis, Rachael*

Johnson, Kiley

Jones, Caroline**

Joyce, Meridith

Kennelly, Ashlynn*

Kent, Alianna

Kent, Chandler

Kent, Ella

Kent, Hudson

Latragna, Abigail

Latragna, Mia

Lee, Barrett**

Lemming, Sean

Lopez, Alexander

Lopez, Brooke*

Lopez, Jordan

Luna, Bennett

Machado, Caiden

Manser, Collin

Manser, Trenton

Marriott, William

Martinez, Heather*

Martinez, Orion*

Martinez, Sabrina

McCormick, Cheyenne

McCormick, Evan

McGill, Reno*

McKinney, Jackson*

Melandow, Braden

Mercier, Kanzis

Miller, Angela*

Moreno, Destinee**

Morway, Asa

Morway, Leif

Neal, Eden

Nielsen, David

Nord, Joel**

Nord, Joshua**

Nord, Lucia**

Nord, Olivia**

Northcutt, Anna

O’Connor, Jenna

Odell, Kendall

Oksnee, Kaleigh

Paco, Emily**

Palmer, Hannah

Phelan, Julie

Piazza, Dane**

Pillsbury, Aden*

Pisciotta, Alyssa

Rose, Ariel

Rose, Falan*

Rude, Kathryn

Salerno, Ethan

Schultz, Tanner**

Skinner, Karlee

Smith, Stella

Stoica, Heather

Strabala, Faith

Strabala, Grace

Summers, Sara**

Topp, Audrey

Tussey, McKenzie*

Tussey, Morgan*

Vallis, Tyler

Villarreal, Morelia

Wandler, Brandon

Whalen, Brody

Wiggins, Anna

Wilkinson, Nicholas*

Wilkinson, Riley**

Withrow, Jessica

Younger, Shane

2nd Year Members

Atkins, John

Atkins, Sarah

Barron, Daniel

Brooks, Aoife*

Canova, Marcus

Cleveland, Emily

Clifford, Eslie

Costa, Caitlyn

Coverley, Molly**

Daniels, Cameron*

Daniels, Jaxin*

Frensdorff, Grady**

Giovanetti, Adeline

Gower, Michelle**

Hamilton, London

Hand, Eden

Hernandez, Brandon

Hettrick, Maddison

Hightower, Kapri

Hinnant, Leonna*

Hughes, Hunter

Hurley, Casey

Hurley, Kelly

Hurley, Samuel

Jens, Ally

Kluever, Baylee*

Lopez, Sophie*

Meenan, Emery

Meenan, Madison

Melander, Francesca*

Miller, Camden*

Miller, Peyton*

Niccoli, Iris

Norris, Roland

Peterson-Hoyos, Lillyana

Pierce, Aunicka

Pierce, Gunnar

Plascencia, Jaykob

Ponsness, Ashley**

Ponsness, Karlyn**

Ponsness, Lars**

Reich, Sidney

Remington, Carson

Schemenauer, Leah**

Stankus, Adolfas*

Vader, Blayne

Williams, Alyssa

Williams, Andrew

Williams, Cheyenne**

Williams, Lyric

Williams, Serenity

Williams, William

Wing, Alyssa

Wing, Katelynn

Withrow, Leah

Wymer, Brendon*

Yenkole, Corey

3rd Year Members

Best, Tyra**

du Pont-Moore, Isabelle

Fournier, Luke

Fraser, Jenna

Hernandez, Anthony**

Laza-Twist, Lauren*

Lumadue, Emmah*

Merriam, Dana*

Merriam, Reagan**

Reger, Ashley

Schultz, Tobin**

Shek, Madi

VanNest, Douglas**

Wymer, Talene**

Zampanti, Rachel

4th Year Members

Bell, Ryan*

Bell, Sophie*

Billman, Elizabeth**

Bonafede, Luke**

Brennan, Maureen

Ellis, Julianne**

Fournier, Faye**

Fournier, Hailey**

Laxague, Logan**

Lewallen, Lillian**

Lewallen, McKenzie**

Marsh, Sunshyne

McGill, Denver*

McGill, Payson*

Nalder, Corinne**

Peterson-Hoyos, Jazzmin

Rieman, Rosealee**

Summers, Jonathan**

VanNest, Sarah**

Vaughn, Collette

Vaughn, Danielle**

Yenkole, Zoe**

5th Year Members

Eddings, Sarah*

Harmon, Raven**

Hone, Amanda**

Jones, Katie

Radelfinger, Paige**

Raper, Corley

Raper, McKenzie

Walters, Shaylynn**

6th Year Members

Allen, Griffin**

Dieter, Laura**

Hearn, Natalie**

Hone, Emily**

McKinney, Lillie**

Ramsey-Kruse, Ava**

Ramsey-Kruse, Leah**

7th Year Members

Allen, Liam**

Metzger, Kendall**

Harmon, Rowan**

Williams, Kasey**

8th Year Members

Godecke, Rachel

McKinney, Ethan**

McKinney, Leah**

McKown, Meleeah**

(no 9th year members this year)

10th Year Members

Bidart, Caitlyn*

Nalder, Kelsey

Groffman, Dominique**

Rutherdale, Jordyn**

Nevada State 4-H Camp Teen Counselors

Emily Hone, Jessica Withrow, Leah Withrow

Nevada State 4-H Camp Adult Chaperones

Heather Kluever

Kelsey Conklin

Sierra Montana

Jill Williams

Michelle Norris

4-H Pet Treat Top Sales Winners

Natalie Hearn, Sophie Lopez, Cheyenne Williams

Department of Agriculture Outstanding Educator of the Year

Matt McKinney

4-H Project & Program Leadership

Baking Project

Laurie Metzger

6th year

Beyond Gardening Project

Allison Ramsey

4th year

Amy Ponsness

1st year

Cloverbud Project

Melissa Blosser

2nd year

Happy Heelers Project

Ashley Touchin

2nd year

Livestock Resource Leaders

Renee Bidart

10th year

Skyler Zulian

7th year

Science Project

Rika McKinney

6th year

Shooting Sports

Matt McKinney

8th year

Jared Harmon

2nd year

Ron Williams

2nd year

Scott Atkins

1st year

Joe Nenzel

1st year

Greg Ponsness

1st year

Eric Rieman

1st year

Small Animal Project

(Rabbit, Cavy)

Shawna Fournier

5th year

Joe Apple

1st year

JoEllen Williams

1st year

Speaking With Confidence Project

Steve Lewis

18th year

Teen Leadership Program


4-H Coordinator

Self-Determined Projects


4-H Coordinator

Teen Sewing Project

Heather Nelson

10th year

Carson Valley Shepherds

Nita Vick

25 years