Douglas Counting Board starts work on remaining ballots |

Douglas Counting Board starts work on remaining ballots

Election workers begin work sorting paper ballots at the Douglas County Courthouse in Minden on Thursday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand

The Douglas County Ballot Counting Board on Thursday morning tackled the paper ballots that have yet to be included in the county’s preliminary results.

There are more than 5,000 ballots that have yet to be counted and the six-person board is sorting through them.

Election Administrator Dena Dawson said she hoped to have the remaining mailed ballots counted today and unofficial results available tonight.

Social media has seen significant posts from voters seeking to find out if their mailed ballot has been counted.

Dawson explained that information won’t be available until the election is canvassed and is done.

She said the vote for anyone who cast their ballot on an election machine was counted when they pressed send.

“We never reject machine votes, with the exception of ineligible provisional ballots,” she said. 

Voters who submitted their paper ballots either in person or through the mail, can check their ballots by going to and scrolling down to Was my vote counted? The first link will take voters to a page where they can enter their name and birthdate and find out if their ballot had been accepted to be counted.

“Vote credit is simply the act of us closing out the election in the voter registration system,” she said.