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DHS sophomore is top scorer in annual national math exam

Staff reports

The top scorer in the annual American High School Mathematics Exam held at Douglas High School in February was sophomore Kelly McIntosh, who took the exam for the first time.

Senior Byran Sullivan, second place, has been in the top 10 for three years straight, said math teacher Debbie Barnes. William Goldstein, a junior who was also taking the test for the first time, tied for second.

Kelly scored 88 and the two boys, 87. Average score for grade 10 is 62.5, grade 11, 65.1, and grade 12, 71.6. Fifty students took the test, and the average score for all grades this year was 66.4. The school team score was 262.

The remaining students in the top 20 scorers were Brodie Roman, Kevin Rohrbough, Mariah Weigel, Rory Marenco, Steven McLeod, Drew Hall, Brendon Lund, Taya Willden, Brett Marenco, John Bopp, Erik Curtis, Rocky Radka, Phillip Gorrindo, John Yurtinus, Shane Forster, Sarah Shearer and Markus Zinke.

The purpose of the exam, according to Barnes, is to spur interest in mathematics and develop problem-solving talent through the excitement of friendly competition. Students also can prepare for college entrance exams by taking it, though the results do not show up on their transcripts.

The test covers high school mathematics except for calculus, and is a 30-question, 90-minute multiple choice exam with five points given for each correct answer and two points for each question left blank.