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DHS art teacher raises giant pumpkin

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A giant pumpkin isn’t easy to grow, and to raise one in the 400-pound range is often a matter of luck. Nancy Bargman ought to know, for she’s babied her orange hulk along since last May.

The home gardener and high school art teacher had tried to grow a big one before.

“I had a 75-pounder, then nothing,” she said. “I was hoping for the best.”

The theory goes that if you pick off all but one or two of the budding pumpkins early in the season, those that are left will grow to gigantic proportions.

But if – as happened to one of her two young pumpkins – the birds eat it, you’re out of luck.

The summer of 1998 was the season of Bargman’s giant pumpkin success. Hers is 50 inches from stem to flower end and about 100 inches around.

Bargman can’t be sure of the weight because it is too heavy to pick up. Taking measurements and using a formula, however, she was able to estimate it at about 400 pounds.

Giant pumpkins are grown from specially developed seed, and the pumpkins’ flesh isn’t good for pies.

Bargman said she’s not going to carve it and she’s not sure what she’ll do with it.

“I’d hate to deface it,” she said. “I’m just going to look at it, I suppose.”

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