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DHS announces students, teacher of the month

Staff reports

Douglas High announced the selection of the February Students and Teacher of the Month.

The chosen 10th grade students are Poncho Delgadillo and Catelyn Carver. The 11th grade student is Ricky Burdick, and the 12th grade students are Jared Petersen and Katie Kolbe. Teacher of the month is Michael Schneider.

Teachers gave high praise to the students.

Poncho was described as a disabled student who doesn’t let his disability interfere with his life. “He attempts all work he’s given and turns in all assignments,” one teacher wrote, “has an excellent attitude and gets along with everyone.”

Catelyn was described as being dedicated to her school work, always pleasant and making top notch effort.

Ricky Burdick was described as well-mannered, a perfect role model and an example of a mature, intellectual high school student.

Comments on Jared included that he is a great student and dedicated worker, very determined and a great improvement as a center on the basketball team.

Katie dropped out of school in the 9th grade but re-enrolled two years ago. She still needs a few credits next year to graduate, but she is sticking to it, a teacher wrote. She is enrolled in a certified nursing program at Western Nevada Community College.

As for the teacher, Schneider was described as an inspiration to students and staff, making subject material relevant and striving to make his classroom better for his kids. He has made organizational and content changes in his senior practical English and “puts in 150 percent time and effort.”