Deputies may testify in Kingsbury shooting sentencing |

Deputies may testify in Kingsbury shooting sentencing

Stefon Jefferson

The deputies involved in a gun battle on Kingsbury Grade will get to testify in the sentencing of a Bay Area man who admitted trying to kill them.

Stefon Demar Jefferson, 43, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday with attorney Kristine Brown.

Jefferson faces an aggregate sentence of 3-40 years in prison on the sole charge of attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

In exchange for his plea, Douglas County will drop additional charges against him at his November sentencing.

Prosecutor Ric Casper said Jefferson fired multiple shots from a handgun at Sgt. Ron Miller and Deputy Tyree Holdridge, hitting Miller in the hand.

Miller is recuperating and expected to return to duty soon. The official investigation into the shooting is also expected to be wrapped up soon.

Miller performed a pursuit maneuver forcing Jefferson to stop after leading deputies on a chase that reached up to 70 mph on Kingsbury Grade.

Jefferson came up shooting, according to court documents and then got back into the Toyota Camry he’d taken from his cousin after allegedly shooting him in the Bay Area and travelled down Kingsbury before hitting an embankment. He then surrendered at gunpoint and was taken into custody.

Jefferson is being held on $1 million bail, though even if he had the money, he still faces three murder charges in the Bay Area that prompted his capture.