CVI owner talks about his success |

CVI owner talks about his success

by Aurora Sain
Sam Shad (left) interviews businessman Mike Pegram Thursday at the Business Council of Douglas County's 2016 Critical Issues Conference Thursday morning at the CVI.
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It shouldn’t be a surprise that Carson Valley casino owner Mike Pegram believes in taking risks.

“You have to be willing to gamble a little bit,” Pegram said at the 22nd annual Critical Issues Conference in Minden on Thursday. “Why put a glass ceiling on yourself.”

He said that he focuses on cleanliness and making sure that his businesses are a place that people would want to frequent.

“If you clean it when it’s clean, it will never get dirty,” said Pegram. “You can’t take anything for granted.”

He said that when he decided to get CVI, the only thing that it needed was a little love.

Business owners and people with stakes in Douglas County came to the Carson Valley Inn on Thursday to talk about the economic pivot in the county.

Speakers such as President of Rounds Consulting Group, Jim Rounds, Douglas County Manager Larry Werner, Pegram and Principal and Director if the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center Lance Gilman spoke this year at the conference.

Werner started off by conducting a live poll on the economic vitality of Douglas County and most people were in agreement that while they wanted the county to be economically sound they also didn’t want to compromise their quality of life.

Werner said that with the water the county has, there is about 15-20 years worth of growth available.

He also said that the indexing of gas tax revenue was the only reasonable way to get the money to cover the costs of road maintenance labor and materials.

One thing Pegram said that he would like to see is clean technology to come into the Valley.

He said that people shouldn’t be afraid to invest in areas that they care about.

“Put your money where you wanna live,” said Pegram.

Pegram said that he worked hard for everything that he has, and encouraged others to do what makes them happy.

“Follow your dreams, follow your passions, what’s the worst thing that could happen,” said Pegram.

While Pegram is involved in investments around the country, he said that nothing compares to the vibe of living in a beautiful place like Douglas County.

“The thing I appreciate the most about the Carson Valley is the community,” said Pegram.

The Critical Issues Conference is hosted by the Business Council of Douglas County.

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