CVHS gets new sidewalk for Genoa, thanks to DCBIA |

CVHS gets new sidewalk for Genoa, thanks to DCBIA

Staff reports

The Carson Valley Historical Society has been selected as the recipient of the Douglas County Builders Industry Association (DCBIA) community project for 2000.

Spokesman and project volunteer Al Lopeman said, “Our community service project was to pour a 4-foot by 40-foot sidewalk between the Genoa Courthouse Museum and its annex building.”

The one-day project was completed on Saturday, May 6.

Materials were donated by Bing materials and BMC West.

“A special thanks go to volunteers Charlie Grant and Allen Christian for putting this project together, and many thanks to Bing Materials and BMC West for their contributions to the DCBIA Home Care Project 2000,” Lopeman said.

The National Association of Home Builders is the parent organization that began th Home Care Project 2000. DCBIA is a member of that organization. The Genoa sidewalk fulfills a requirement to receive recognition from the NHAB.

“On behalf of the Carson Valley Historical Society, I wish to thank everyone from the DCBIA for selecting us for this community project,” said Marlena Hellwinkel, president of the society. “We truly appreciate this donation of volunteer time and materials. The sidewalk is definitely needed and will enhance the appearance of Genoa Courthouse Museum grounds.”