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Woman sent to prison after failing diversion


A Gardnerville woman, who violated her probation by continuing to associate with the underage girl she smoked methamphetamine with, was ordered to prison on Tuesday.

Katelyn Karsemeyer, 23, abandoned her diversion to Western Nevada Drug Court. She was sentenced to 14-36 months in prison and ordered to serve out the rest of a 364-day jail sentence.

Karsemeyer was arrested May 8, 2014, after she called 911 from her motel at 4:50 a.m. because she thought a man in the next room had killed a woman and was taking the body away.

She and the 15-year-old girl she was sharing the room with fled the motel for a Gardnerville convenience store, where their behavior prompted a call to the sheriff’s office. Both were determined to be under the influence of methamphetamine.

Karsemeyer pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance for sale and a count of gross misdemeanor child abuse.

If Karsemeyer had successfully completed drug court the felony charge would have been expunged from her record.

According parole and probation, Karsemeyer tested positive for the drug days after completing a treatment program and then stopped going to drug court.

“The court said at the time that she presented a danger to her self and the community,” prosecutor Erik Levin said. “The court said she couldn’t have contact with the juvenile. She completed a program and four days later, she used meth. She kept contacting the juvenile she gave meth to.”

Karsemeyer received credit for 216 days of her 364 day sentence.

“She is a threat to the community and to herself, and she needs to go to prison,” District Judge Tod Young said.

■ A Gardnerville man is facing prison after he admitted to using his brother’s ID when he was faced with arrest.

Austin H. Mordhorst, 20, was arrested Feb. 5 for allegedly hitting a man with a rock. He ran from the scene but was found a few blocks away.

He claimed to be his brother to avoid being arrested for several warrants that were out for him.

He faces a maximum sentence of 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 19. Mordhorst was participating in a drug diversion program in Carson City.

■ The wheelman in the looting of big-screen televisions from the Topsy Lane Walmart received probation on Tuesday on a conspiracy charge.

John Branum, 41, said he couldn’t remember exactly what happened when he and Chad Ward, 39, took a 42-inch television out of the store.