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Woman remains in custody on assault

An Indian Hills woman remains in custody on a variety of cases stemming from an incident where she held a knife to her boyfriend’s throat Jan. 26.

Cora Quin Martinez, 21, is facing a misdemeanor in connection with her arrest last April 30.

Prosecutors said that Martinez was arrested for showing up at the boyfriend’s home in the middle of the night while intoxicated.

“She’s continuing to drink and make threats,” prosecutor A.J. Hames said, arguing that her being free could result in the victim winding up dead. “Her conduct is extremely dangerous.”

Martinez agreed that she had a problem with alcohol, but said the victim has bailed her out of jail several times.

“He’s been waiting outside for me every time,” she said.

She is facing a 1-6-year sentence and a $5,000 fine at her sentencing May 18.

■ A California man was arrested on Thursday driving a white sport utility vehicle that was reported stolen in South Lake Tahoe.

Shenandoah Hobbs, 40, was northbound on Highway 395 when a deputy spotted the vehicle. Hobbs turned onto Riverview and then made a U-turn into the Gardnerville Ranchos 7-Eleven.

After taking him into custody, deputies learned he had a suspended drivers license and a 12-ounce can of beer in the central console.

■ On Thursday evening, a Placerville man was arrested for driving under the influence after it was reported he’d hit the overhang of a Minden motel.

Larry Lloyd Armstrong, 59, was taken into custody after deputies learned he had a felony DUI warrant out of Placerville.

A preliminary test revealed he had a .077 blood alcohol content, under the .08 legal limit.

■ A man received a 60-day jail sentence after he was convicted of gross misdemeanor for pushing a deputy in 2017.

Michael Ian Hutchinson, 26, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday where he was ordered to spend 60 days.

Hutchinson said he wasn’t told the charge was still pending and he failed to appear in court.

■ A former Minden man, who admitted to selling nearly 1,000 ski passes in 2016, had his probation reinstated on Monday.

Tim E. Jacobsen Jr., 25, is facing a trial for drunken driving in Las Vegas in a few months.

He admitted to drinking alcohol while he was on probation as part of his suspended 18-60-month prison sentence. He told the judge that probation officials took him off a breathylizer, and that he didn’t realize how much he was relying on it for his sobriety.

Jacobsen has paid $5,170 in restitution in the case. He has been in custody since March 23.

District Judge Tom Gregory told Jacobsen he should be done drinking alcohol.