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Woman in Tahoe bomb scare gets probation

A woman, whose arrest ended up closing Highway 89 near Camp Richardson last summer, received a suspended five-year prison sentence for attempting to flee Douglas deputies.

Alana Jewel Blakemore appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday for sentencing on a charge stemming from an incident that occurred a dozen days before the July 26, 2019, incident near Emerald Bay.

According to court documents, Blakemore was spotted driving 100 mph from Kimmerling Road down Highway 88 on July 14, 2019. Deputies halted pursuit as she crossed into California.

Two weeks later, she was being followed by federal agents who believed the vehicle might contain a bomb.

That resulted in deputies closing Kingsbury for a short time before she turned around and headed into California.

She was stopped on Highway 89 and the area was cleared while Tahoe-Douglas Bomb Squad members checked the vehicle.

Prosecutor Matthew Johnson said Blakemore has been involved in several incidents where she fled deputies and many instances where she’d failed probations or deferred sentences.

“She’s burned every bridge and opportunity she’d been given,” Johnson said.

Blakemore had been in custody since the July bomb scare having served a sentence in California in connection with the incident.

“I really needed help with my medication,” Blakemore told District Judge Tod Young. “I realize if I don’t get help I will continue on this path.”

She will be on probation for the suspended 18-60-month sentence for five years.