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Woman gets maximum prison time in stabbing incident

by Rachel Spacek

A Red Bluff, Calif., woman received the maximum sentence of five years in prison after she stabbed her former boyfriend three times in a hotel room at the MontBleu Casino in Stateline.

Deana J. Beeman, 42, originally denied the charge because she could not remember the incident. Reports say the victim, covered in blood called for help near the concierge desk at MontBleu, saying his girlfriend stabbed him upstairs in their room. The man had three stab wounds, one near his heart, one near his lung and the other near his navel. He was transported to the emergency room where he underwent surgery.

On scene, officers made contact with Beeman who said the couple had been drinking and she didn’t remember what happened. Beeman told officers, “Gary is a good guy. If Gary says I hurt him, then I hurt him.” Reports said Beeman had blood on her and noticed her knife was missing from her purse, where she said she carries it at all times.

According to reports, the victim said he was laying down on a bed in the hotel room when Beeman came into the room screaming and ranting and raving. The victim tried to leave the hotel room, pushing Beeman into the bathroom so he could leave. When he was trying to leave, Beeman stabbed him. He took her to the ground, where she stabbed him two more times.

The victim gave a written statement in Judge Thomas Gregory’s court on Monday, saying he heard from mutual friends of his and Beeman’s that she had said, “that is what happens when you try to hit me,” about stabbing him. He asked Gregory to, “teach her a lesson and send her to prison.”

The victim’s daughter and son testified in court, both asking that Gregory, “show no mercy on Beeman, just as she had shown no mercy when she stabbed our father.”

In addition to the battery with a deadly weapon charge, Beeman had three alternative sentencing violations. One violation was caused by Beeman providing a false urine sample after taking methamphetamine and cocaine.

Derrick Lopez, Beeman’s attorney, asked the judge to grant Beeman probation so she could attend a behavioral health program and a drug court program. He said Beeman is “terrified of the prospect of going to prison.” Lopez said Beeman suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from family abuse and abusive relationships.

“I’ve spent most of my adult life working and taking care of my children and not myself,” Beeman told Gregory. She said she is upset that it took this incident to show that she needs help, but she promised she would get it if she was granted probation.

Beeman was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 60 months and ordered to pay $1,000 in restitution.

“This was a very violent offense,” said Gregory. “On probation, I can’t ensure the public is safe and I am not satisfied that the issues have been addressed.”