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Woman faces prison after admitting gun possession

A Carson City woman said she didn’t remember having a pistol in her car because she was drunk.

Crystal Charlie Dean, 39, faces 1-6 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

Dean has already admitted to driving under the influence in connection with an Oct. 19 wreck in Indian Hills, her attorney said on Tuesday. Her breath test was .218, according to her attorney.

“I was under the influence and I don’t remember the handgun,” Dean told District Judge Tod Young.

Dean has a prior felony conviction for burglary in Idaho.

■ A third attorney may be the charm in the case of a California man accused of taking a car that didn’t belong to him and abandoning it in California.

Ronnie Rayon, 33, is denying a charge he took a car that didn’t belong to him. He has been in jail since Aug. 17 when he was arrested on a warrant.

Rayon is accusing his first attorney, Jamie Henry, of waiving his appearance at a preliminary hearing where sufficient evidence was found that he took the car.

At a Nov. 2 hearing, his second attorney, Matthew Ence, told District Judge Tod Young that Rayon didn’t waive his appearance at the preliminary hearing.

There is a letter in the court file indicating he waived an appearance at a March 16 hearing.

On Tuesday, Ence withdrew as Rayon’s attorney after Rayon wrote a letter to the judge complaining about his representation.

Young appointed attorney Kris Brown to represent Rayon, with the admonishment that he won’t keep appointing attorneys until Rayon gets one he likes.

Rayon went to the Carson Valley Inn with a friend from California, where they gambled all night.

Later that night Ronnie got the friend’s car from the valet, without a valet ticket, and drove the car to California where he abandoned it on the side of the road.

■ The case of a man facing up to 10 years in prison for grand larceny of a firearm was delayed until Dec. 20 after his attorney contended not all the firearms he pawned were stolen.

William Kirst, 33, admitted to the theft of firearms from his uncle, but attorney Maria Pence said she wanted time to make sure Kirst was only paying restitution on what he stole.

The total presented by Parole and Probation in their report was more than $16,000.

Kirst is in custody.