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Woman admits selling 12 ounces of methamphetamine


A March 23 trial has been canceled after a Placerville woman admitted to a charge of felony trafficking in methamphetamine and failure to appear in court.

Laura C. Thrash, 48, faces 10 years to life in prison for selling 13 ounces of the drug over three occasions in summer 2016.

She was taken into custody in August 2017 and was scheduled to appear for a change of plea in May 8, 2018.

Thrash admitted that she didn’t appear in court on that day. She wasn’t returned to custody until August 2018.

She pleaded not guilty and a trial was set.

Under Nevada law, District Judge Tom Gregory said he only had two choices for her sentence, either life or a definite term of 25 years. Under either circumstance she would be eligible for parole after serving 10 years. Trafficking carries a maximum fine of $500,000. Thrash is not eligible for probation. She is being held without bail pending her June 3 sentencing.

She also faces 1-4 years in prison and $5,000 for failure to appear. She can be given probation on that offense.

Other charges in connection with the case will be dismissed.

■ A man facing an April 29 sentencing for felony DUI will remain in custody after he tested positive for alcohol.

Anthony C. Cervantes, 56, told District Judge Tom Gregory on Monday he drank two beers. Attorney Mathew Work said Cervantes instantly checked himself into an inpatient program, recognizing the seriousness of the offense.

Work said Cervantes would be willing to wear an ankle monitor, something he said caused him great discomfort.

However, prosecutor Erik Levin argued that Cervantes told Alternative Sentencing he’d consumed cough syrup with alcohol in it, saying Cervantes is the only person who knows what actually happened.

Gregory determined that Cervantes posed a threat to the community and ordered him held without bail.

■ A South Lake Tahoe man who failed to appear for his arraignment last year admitted to a count of possession of a controlled substance on Monday.

Codi Baudoin, 45, was arrested on a warrant in South Lake Tahoe on March 11.

According to court documents, he was arrested early on Oct. 22, 2018, at Stateline inside a pickup with heroin.

Attorney Matthew Ence argued in favor of releasing Baudoin without bail, but his failure to appear led Gregory to set a $5,000 bail in the case. Possession carries a 1-4 year prison sentence, but in most cases the judge is required to grant probation.