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Woman admits DUI after ramming Minden Northern Nevada Coin shop

Cheryl Smith's Pontiac Grand Am inside Northern Nevada Gold an Coin on Thursday night.
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office |

A woman who drove her car into the Minden Northern Nevada Coin shop last year has admitted to a charge of driving under the influence in the incident.

Cheryl Kaye Smith, 74, had a blood alcohol content of .084, just slightly over the legal limit, when she rammed her car into the side of the building three times before punching through the wall.

According to court records of the March 16 hearing, she said she didn’t remember what happened.

Sentencing in the case is scheduled for April 22.

Employees of the business could be seen scrambling out of Smith’s way in a video released not long after the Dec. 18, 2014, incident. They and the owner of the coin shop will have an opportunity to speak at Smith’s sentencing.

According to court documents, a condition of her sentence is that she would give up her driver’s license until she was able to pass a driving test.

At a hearing in East Fork Justice Court on Feb. 9, her attorney Patrick King said that Smith’s vehicle was still impounded, and that she wasn’t a flight risk. East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins vacated the $31,509 bail her daughter posted and released Smith on her own recognizance.

The shop, which shares a parking lot with Saletti’s, has been closed since the incident.