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Woman accused of taking $75K from neighbors’ safe

A Johnson Lane woman is facing a grand larceny charge after she was accused by neighbors of taking $75,000 cash from a wall safe.

Jordyn Renee Curtis, 27, is accused of entering her neighbor’s home and opening the safe where she allegedly helped herself to envelopes of cash they kept there.

The theft was discovered after the reporting parties purchased a new safe and took inventory.

Curtis was taken into custody on Jan. 3. According to court documents, the thefts took place between June and November 2018.

■ A Markleeville man was taken into custody for a probation violation on Saturday.

Jeromy J. Doran, 30, was arrested 6:20 p.m. in Gardnerville.

■ A Topaz Ranch Estates resident was taken into custody on Saturday night for a probation violation.

Cameron R. Weiss-Karm, 20, was arrested at his home on an outside warrant.

He is on a suspended 1-3-year sentence for claiming to be someone else to avoid a warrant.