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Wellington man faces trial in trafficking case

A Wellington man faces a three-day trial in connection with a trafficking in a controlled substance charge.

Daryl Lorne Nolan, 57, was arrested in a Feb. 17 traffic stop. Issues with Nolan’s license plate and the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle prompted a K-9 sniff, which allegedly revealed 19.6 grams of methamphetamine and $1,201 in cash.

Attorneys said it would require 2-3 days to try Nolan on the charge, which is a felony.

A man whose attorney said he requires twice weekly testosterone injections received probation after he admitted to possession of a controlled substance.

A $5,000 bench warrant was issued for the arrest of a man who dropped out of Western Nevada Drug Court.

Javier A. Walker, 24, received a deferred sentence for possession of a stolen motor vehicle stolen June 8, 2017.

Walker was scheduled to appear in District Court on Monday. He also has a warrant out of East Fork Justice Court.

A Gardnerville woman faces 18-48 months in prison if she fails probation for fraudulent use of a credit card.

Ann Giselle Syphus-Freed, 55, admitted she used a 75-year-old man’s credit card to withdraw money at a casino.

Syphus-Freed was ordered to pay $804 restitution in connection with the theft.

She said that she felt that she was owed the money because she believed there was an agreement that she would be paid for caregiving.

The arraignment for a woman, who was squatting at a Lake Tahoe rental where her roommates were arrested in a drug raid, was delayed a week on Tuesday.

Meagan Rene Turkington, 27, has been in custody since Sept. 3 after she was taken into custody on a fugitive warrant.

The raid occurred in May and resulted in the arrest of Joseph Cudia and Diego Corralles and the seizure of more than a pound of methamphetamine.

Turkington is admitting to one count of possession of a controlled substance in connection to the case.

At issue is the amount of restitution that she will be required to pay, which was not available on Tuesday.

Turkington’s attorney speculated that it could be several thousand dollars, which she said she would agree to if it was split three ways.

Cudia is denying the charges and is scheduled to be tried on trafficking charge in March.

All three were arrested at a vacant rental property on Bonnie Court.

No trial date has been set in the case against Corrales.

Anthony Altamirano, 31, received an underlying sentence of 1-3 years in prison suspended for 18 months.

Altamirano was arrested Sept. 6, 2019, with 1,500 pills described as a form of steroid.

He describes himself on his Twitter account as a competitive bodybuilder, though he bristled at the characterization in a previous hearing.

Altamirano pleaded guilty to the drug charge in July, but an argument over what he can continue to use prompted a two-month delay in his sentencing.

On Monday Altamirano’s attorney provided a letter of necessity from a Florida clinic that was signed by a physician’s assistant.

Matthew Ence argued that he believed the document was a valid medical recommendation.

Altamirano was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and not to possess or consume any controlled substance for which he doesn’t have a prescription.

A California man was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison for having someone else’s credit card.

Jimmy Encarnacion Guevarra, 46, was arrested in July 2019 along Highway 88 near the state line after being pulled over for driving under the influence.

Guevarra’s case was delayed by a year because he was in prison for identity theft and taking a motor vehicle in connection with a Placerville case.

At his arraignment, Guevarra admitted to having around a dozen credit cards in other people’s names.

Prosecutor Patrick Ferguson argued for prison time, saying Guevarra had someone else’s purse in his back seat and there was no indication there was a connection between him and the victim.

Attorney Matthew Ence argued for probation, saying that Guevarra had children at home and had already been incarcerated for a year.