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Warrants issued in violent confrontations

Nationwide no-bail warrants were issued Tuesday for two men accused of unrelated violent offenses.

California resident Andrew S. Elliot, 52, failed to appear for sentencing on a charge of attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

Elliot was arrested Oct. 27, 2018, after deputies said they responded to a woman’s screams. The victim told deputies that she asked if Elliot’s wife was OK and walked away when he came up behind her with a knife and threatened to cut her throat.

Attorney Joey Gilbert said Elliot’s wife told him she hasn’t seen him in two days. Elliot is facing 1-5 years in prison, though prosecutors agreed to recommend probation.

A Sparks man who fought with deputies in downtown Minden on Oct. 21 failed to show up for his sentencing hearing.

Adan Majarrez Palomar, 31, was arrested after he took a swing at a deputy, which led to a general melee while deputies tried to subdue him using the Tazer and their batons.

Attorney Maria Pence said she hadn’t heard from him since he admitted the charges in October.

■ A Gardnerville woman will have to find another line of work after she was sentenced to a suspended 18-48-month prison sentence for selling methamphetamine.

Stacey Marie Amante, 44, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza pointed out that Amante said she didn’t have a drug problem, but sold them in February and April.

■ A Stateline man who denied violating his probation on Tuesday is facing drug sales and possession charges.

Frank Dennis Riley, 29, was arrested early Dec. 22 on a violation of his probation for cocaine sales.

A Feb. 18 hearing was set in the hopes that Riley’s defense attorney will have a better idea how the sales of a controlled substance charge will play out.

■ A man who removed himself from drug court faces sentencing after he failed to appear for two years.

Christopher N. Silva faces sentencing on a felony charge of stealing a bicycle, which he admitted in 2016. He was given a chance at diversion, but failed to appear for two years.

He was convicted of attempted grand larceny in Washoe County in March 2019. He faces sentencing March 3.

■ The first trial of 2020 was cancelled after a Gardnerville man entered a guilty plea to gross misdemeanor attempted possession of a controlled substance.

Bob Hoyopatubbi entered the plea last week. As part of a negotiation, he will spend two years on supervision. At the end of that time, if he hasn’t violated he will be sentenced to time served.

He was charged in connection with a May 2018 incident where he was found in possession of a trailer with 200 marijuana seedlings. He has a medical marijuana card, which he felt would allow him to have all the plants. As part of the plea deal, he will be able to continue to use marijuana as long as he has a valid medical card.