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Warrants issued for couple who stole $100,000 from elderly man

Warrants were issued for a couple who still owe significant restitution after they were sent to prison in 2014 for stealing $100,000 from an 86-year-old man.

Denise M. Allen, 59, and Michael G. Allen, 58, failed to appear for a show-cause hearing in Douglas County District Court on Monday.

District Judge Tom Gregory issued a $5,000 warrant for their arrest.

The couple was ordered to pay restitution in the case, though the victim died before their sentencing.

Denise Allen convinced the elderly man to award her power of attorney. She took him to Carson City where an attorney approved the paperwork, but a state caseworker reported Allen lacked the documentation to prove the man was competent to make the change.

At sentencing Denise Allen said she had the man’s permission for everything.

Among the things purchased were $15,500 on QVC, $15,000 at Bodine’s, dental work and even a $337 justice court fine against Michael Allen for a domestic battery conviction.

■ A woman whose toddler got into her methamphetamine will get probation under a plea agreement.

Emily E. Rogers, 23, admitted Monday to a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment in connection with the case.

Rogers admitted that the 2-year-old got into her drugs on May 13.

Under the agreement, Rogers’ 364-day jail term would be suspended on condition she attend Western Regional Drug Court and obtain an evaluation that says she is not likely to re-offend.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 17.

■ A man who helped fence a stolen firearm admitted to a gross misdemeanor conspiracy charge.

Robert Donald Brown, 22, faces up to 364 days in jail on the charge on condition that he testify truthfully in a case involving Michael Cota.

Cota is accused of getting a minor to take the firearm from a Kings Lane home on Feb. 13. Brown faces a Sept. 17 sentencing date, where he could receive probation under the plea agreement.

Cota appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday to waive a preliminary hearing on a felony. He is scheduled to appear in district court July 30.

■ A woman successfully completed DUI Court and had her felony drunken driving case reduced to a misdemeanor second offense on Monday.

Faye I. Ramseepaul was placed on the 3-5 year diversion program in July 2015.

Attorney Maria Pence said that Ramseepaul made it through the program with flying colors.

“It was as close to a perfect performance as I’ve ever seen,” Pence said.

■ A 30-year-old man facing a theft charge appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday on a bench warrant for failing to appear in October.

Palm Desert resident Steven R. Owens surrendered on the warrant that had been issued after he failed to show for an arraignment on Oct. 16, 2017.

He is accused of putting $8,000 player points on a card at a Lake Tahoe casino and using them to gamble.

He was released on his own recognizance on the condition that he bring $5,000 with him when he returns on July 30 for arraignment.

■ A woman was sentenced in the theft of jewelry from someone who was letting her live with them.

Chelsea Green, 28, received a 12-34-month suspended prison sentence on condition she attend Western Regional Drug Court.

Green received diversion in August 2016 on the theft charge. She has been in the drug court program since, but was removed recently.

District Judge Tom Gregory said a letter from the drug court said she could return if she was sentenced and given the program as a condition of probation.

Attorney Matthew Ence said Green would not have to restart the program from scratch, but would be able to pick up where she left off. He estimated she should have the program completed in a couple of months.

Had Green successfully completed the program, she would have avoided the felony on her record.

She still owes $1,471 in restitution.