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Warrant issued in trafficking

Dougals County Sheriff’s Office

A $25,000 nationwide warrant was issued for a San Jose woman who failed to show up for a hearing on Tuesday.

Shawna C. Vallero, 35, is facing felony drug charges, including trafficking, which carries up to a life sentence.

Vallero and Glenbrook resident Matthew J. Alexander were arrested April 7, 2018, near Lincoln Park Circle.

Alexander was driving a red pickup that was parked near Lincoln Park Circle.

After taking Alexander, 41, into custody on a charge of driving under the influence, deputies woke up Vallero, who’d slept during the traffic stop.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies allegedly found an ounce of suspected methamphetamine.

Vallero is denying the charge, but a new date has been set for her trial.

■ A $5,000 bench warrant was issued for a man who was scheduled to appear to reschedule a trial.

Nathaniel S. Ford, 52, is denying a charge of trafficking.

The trial was scheduled for Sept. 25, but has been vacated.

This is the second time Ford has failed to turn up for court. A warrant was issued after he failed to appear for his arraignment in April 2018.

Ford was arrested in March 2018 after he was found stopped in the middle of Highway 395 in the middle of the night.

During a search of his vehicle, deputies allegedly found two bags of methamphetamine in the vehicle.

■ A man facing a felony counterfeiting charge said the only thing keeping him from signing a plea agreement is the question of whether he’ll get credit for his time in Douglas County Jail.

Aaron Lee Campbell, 45, said he signed a waiver of extradition from California to Nevada in May, and that he wants credit for the time he’s served since then toward any prison sentence.

However, District Judge Tod Young refused to consider it because until Campbell enters a guilty plea, he is still presumed innocent.

He is scheduled to return to court on Tuesday.

■ A 61-year-old Lake Tahoe man received a suspended 1-4 year prison sentence after he admitted to possession of a controlled substance.

Michael Horny would have been eligible for mandatory probation if not for his extended criminal record, including a 1-3-year prison sentence for sales of a controlled substance.

“I’ve been a criminal all my life,” Horny said. “Now, I hope I’m a recovering criminal.”

■ A Californian who failed to pay restitution spent 45 days incarcerated after he was arrested on a warrant issued out of Douglas County District Court.

Richard Ellis said he was in custody in Elk Grove for the 45 days.

He was ordered to pay $377.36 in restitution by Nov. 19.