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Warrant issued for heroin addict’s arrest

Update: A district judge set a June 23 hearing date on a motion to quash a warrant after Brandon David Larmee’s attorney said that since this hearing he has been in contact with him.

District Judge Tod Young said he wasn’t inclined to pull Larmee’s warrant until he shows up in court for his sentencing.

Attorney John Malone said Larmee wasn’t aware of the June 2 court date which was set out due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Since you have contact with Mr. Larmee, you should get him in here and then I’ll decide what to do,” Young said.

A woman traveled 400 miles to be heard about the impact a heroin addict’s thievery had on her family.

Brandon David Larmee, 32, failed to show up in court for sentencing on a theft charge on Tuesday. Larmee admitted stealing his grandmother’s pick up truck in district court in February.

The woman said her mother died at age 94 without ever learning what happened to her antique wedding rings or the property Larmee took while he was supposed to be caring for her.

“He would periodically come by to see his grandmother to ask for money,” Larmee’s aunt said. “After she refused to give him any more money the theft occurred. She was never afraid to be in her house until it was discovered that Brandon had robbed it. Then she was afraid to be alone in her own home. He dampened her will to live and stole everything he could get out of the house.”

She said Larmee stands to inherit $200,000 from the family trust.

“Brandon has ripped our family apart,” she said. “There are relationships that will never be healed as a result of this crime.”

A warrant has been issued for Larmee’s arrest.

Larmee’s sister disputes

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos woman who fired a pistol out a window after pointing at someone admitted a count of assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday.

Nicole Ann Shea, 37, faces 1-6 years in prison at her July 28 sentencing. She could also receive probation. As part of the agreement with prosecutors, she will also admit to a domestic battery charge in East Fork Justice Court.

■ A Sparks woman who failed to appear in court in October had to swear that her real name was Jasmine Alexis Moreland, 31, who is facing a charge for giving deputies a false name.

Moreland said she was booked in Washoe County under a false name. She is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on June 16.