Walmart turns lost and found over to deputies |

Walmart turns lost and found over to deputies

Staff Reports

Douglas County deputies took charge of a big box of identification cards, driver’s licenses, cellular phones and other items left in the Gardnerville Walmart over the past two years.

The manager turned over the box on Monday, saying the store had exhausted its attempts to contact the owners of the items, which included jewelry, credit cards and even passports.

Some of the wallets have money in them.

Douglas County volunteers will take up the effort to contact the owners of the items.

■ A Reno man was arrested 4 p.m. Sunday after a traffic stop at Buckeye Road and Highway 395 allegedly led to the discovery of 1.7 ounces of marijuana.

According to the sheriff’s report, the man had a suspended license for failing to appear in court, the brake lights on the Mazda he was driving were out and there were several large cracks in his windshield.

■ A man who tried to run from Target security on Saturday evening was booked into Douglas County jail for theft after a deputy found him out of breath in one of the store’s driveways.

The man said he took some shorts, some socks and shoes from the store, according to the report. The man said he was homeless and only in town to help a friend move.

The deputy found a backpack the man had allegedly taken from the store filled with three pairs of shorts, two pairs of girls’ socks and a pair of shoes.

■ Two men ran out of the Gardnerville Walmart on Saturday night with a carload of merchandise. They ran toward the Golden Gate Petroleum with the cart meeting a two-door Honda hatchback. They loaded as much of the material as they could into the vehicle, leaving some of the items.

■ A Gardnerville probationer was taken into custody after a deputy spotted him 2:20 a.m. Saturday urinating on the sidewalk in front of a downtown bar.

The man allegedly ran back into the bar when the deputy stopped his patrol car. A background check revealed he was on probation and not to consume alcohol or be in a bar.