Walmart shoplifter ends up in prison |

Walmart shoplifter ends up in prison

A woman who is facing a felony theft charge in Carson City had her probation revoked on Tuesday.

Jessica Muench, 37, was ordered to serve her 12-32-month sentence after she essentially admitted to committing the Carson City crime.

Muench appeared before District Judge Tod Young where she asked him to reinstate her probation.

According to news reports, Muench was arrested Dec. 11 after she was reported by Walmart security for leaving the store with several items she didn’t pay for.

On Tuesday, she admitted to going to the Walmart and violating the law, both of which were probation violations.

“She has a history of theft,” Prosecutor Erik Levin said, arguing for her sentence to be revoked. “In this case, she was stealing from the Walmart again.”

Muench apologized to the court.

“I really messed up,” she said.

In revoking her sentence, Young said it was not OK for her to create more victims while she was on probation.

“You went there with the clear intention to steal,” he said.

Muench was arrested Dec. 5, 2016, after deputies stopped her vehicle while investigating a raid on the Gardnerville Walmart. She admitted to a charge of possession of methamphetamine in February 2017.

While in the Walmart, Muench reportedly chewed out security for making her feel like a thief by watching her too closely while an accomplice ran out of the fire door with merchandise.

A former Gardnerville Ranchos man was given a week to get his affairs in order before he receives a mandatory prison sentence for felony driving under the influence.

Maximillion S. Penfield, 31, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday where Young was told he’d failed DUI diversion court by drinking beer in December.

Penfield said he lives in Sparks and needed to put his property in storage before he serves the 1-6 year sentence he’s facing.

Penfield was arrested June 26, 2016, after he was pulled over with a half full 40-ounce Miller High Life in his vehicle. His license had been revoked for a prior instance of DUI.

Young told Penfield the easiest crime to prove is failure to appear, and that his sentence could be more severe if he didn’t show up.

A Gardnerville man who admitted to a charge of selling heroin faces up to six years in prison when he is sentenced March 26.

Max McCracken, 31, was arrested early June 28, 2018, in the parking lot of the Lakeside Inn at Stateline.

In exchange for his plea to sales of methamphetamine, prosecutors are recommending probation.

A California man denied a charge of failing to maintain his minor child on Tuesday.

A Nov. 13 trial date was set in the case against Rory D. Walker, 41, who appeared in court on Tuesday.

Walker was arrested in April 2018 and his arraignment has been delayed several times at the defense’s request.

He is free on his own recognizance.

■ A Markleeville woman was ordered to take her medication and attend mental health court as a condition of her continued probation.

Tashina C. Lundy, 23, apologized to Young and admitted to violating her probation while mentally ill.

Lundy faces 12-30 months in prison for battery by a prisoner after she admitted punching a jail deputy in the face.

She was initially arrested in February 2017 after she attacked several women in a Minden restaurant.

Lundy said she felt calm on the medication.

“I’d rather be calm and collected than all over the place,” she told Young.