Walmart raider sentenced to 3 years |

Walmart raider sentenced to 3 years

A man serving prison sentences for a series of raids on Walmarts across four counties received a 1-3-year prison sentence in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Clarence Wayne Garcia, 36, is serving consecutive six-year prison sentences out of Churchill County and Carson City.

He faces sentencing in June in Lyon County.

Attorney Melissa Rosenthal argued for a concurrent sentence saying the thefts Garcia, Stephanie Chapa and Ross Bayard were involved in were part of the same set of circumstances.

The thefts ended in Douglas County when a deputy spotted a gray Kia reported to have been involved in the theft of hundreds of dollars of camera equipment from the Grant Avenue Walmart.

Chapa was driving and Garcia was in the passenger seat, while Bayard was in the back seat.

When Chapa pulled over near Silver City RV Park, Bayard, 28, jumped out of the back seat and fled. The deputy caught him and the struggle wound up in the slow lane of Highway 395.

Several Samaritans stopped and helped the deputy subdue Bayard, who got a Taser probe embedded in his skull during the fight.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said one of the reasons he agreed with the concurrent sentence is that Garcia and Chapa didn’t contribute to the incident by also trying to flee.

Garcia admitted to being a principal to grand larceny and was sentenced on Tuesday.