Walmart raider faces 11 years in struggle with deputy |

Walmart raider faces 11 years in struggle with deputy

A man who was Tasered after he struggled with a deputy along Highway 395 admitted to felony counts of battery by a probationer and principal to grand larceny.

Ross Thomas Bayard, 28, faces up to 11 years in prison on the two charges and a $10,000 fine. He could also receive probation.

Bayard is serving up to four years in prison on a possession of a stolen motor vehicle charge out of Washoe County.

He was on probation in the first case when he was involved in a raid on the Gardnerville Walmart on Feb. 17, 2018. He received four years in prison on a subsequent case.

According to court documents, Bayard, Stefanie Chapa and Clarence Wayne Garcia loaded a plastic tote with an estimated $3,500 in camera equipment and left in a gray Kia.

A deputy spotted the Kia on Highway 395 near Cradlebaugh Bridge and conducted a traffic stop at Silver City RV Park.

Bayard was hiding in the vehicle’s back seat and when the deputy opened the door he popped out.

The struggle wound up in the highway’s slow lane where Samaritans stopped to help. Bayard was Tazed in the head and handcuffed with the help of three others who stopped. Other motorists kept Chapa and Garcia from leaving the scene.

Garcia was sentenced to prison from Churchill County on a similar charge. Chapa was given a suspended 12-36-month sentence in Douglas County

Five Samaritans were honored by the sheriff’s office for their help in the arrest.

A man who dropped out of DUI Court after two years was sentenced to 19-48 months and ordered to pay a $2,000 fine for felony driving under the influence.

Maximillion S. Penfield, 31, was arrested in 2016 and allowed to participate in the program that allows drunken driving offenders to keep a felony off their records.

Penfield was arrested June 26, 2016, with a half-full 40-ounce beer in his vehicle while his license was still revoked from a prior DUI.