Victim testifies in December robbery |

Victim testifies in December robbery

by Amy Alonzo

A couple facing multiple charges including robbery, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon were bound over for trial on Friday.

Stacy Conti-Salway, 35, of Gardnerville Ranchos, was arrested Dec. 15 and Francisco “Frankie” Perez, 28, was arrested in Yerington on Jan. 3.

During a preliminary hearing Friday, the victim of the crime recounted the crimes allegedly perpetrated by the couple.

He said that starting at the end of July, he and Conti-Salway dated for about four months. During that time he provided her with about $900 per week, as well as sometimes paying her $1,600 rent and allowing her to use his vehicles and debit card, he said.

“She needed the help,” the victim said.

On Dec. 12 the victim met with Conti-Salway at the Carson Valley Inn to break up with her. He gave her some money to gamble with before he left, he said.

The next day she asked to meet with him for “closure,” and he said they met in her truck. After he left her truck he realized he left his wallet and phone in the truck, he said. He later called Conti-Salway from a landline and also went to her house to try to get his belongings back, but she denied having them, the victim said.

On Dec. 14 Conti-Salway called the victim to say she had his belongings and he could come over and pick them up. When he arrived, she told him “you can go clean your bank accounts out and you can have your phone and wallet back,” the victim said.

The victim said he told her he would not do that and was leaving the house when he was struck in the temple from either the side or behind by an aluminum baseball bat wielded by Perez. He said he then reached back for the bat and a slight struggle ensued.

“While you were having this tug of war for the bat, did something fall on the floor?” asked prosecutor Ric Casper.

“Yeah, a gun” the victim said.

The victim said Perez then allegedly picked up the gun, held it to his chest, and over the course of the next couple of hours, Perez and Conti-Salway ordered him to go to the bank with them and withdraw money from his bank accounts.

At one point Perez handed Conti-Salway the gun and said “be careful, the safety’s off,” the victim said.

After withdrawing $300 from a drive-through teller and providing Conti-Salway access to another of his debit cards, he was allowed to go, the victim said.

Upon cross-examination by defense attorney Derrick Lopez, who represented Conti-Salway, the victim said that while he has never found himself in this type of situation before, he has “had women in the past I have provided for.”

The victim also admitted that he and Conti-Salway used opiates together a couple of times.

“Was it in fact true that you were angry she spent the money on groceries instead of pills?” Lopez asked.

“No,” the victim answered.

Representing Perez, defense attorney Maria Pence asked if it was true that the victim had hit Stacy. The victim laughed and said he had never struck her.

During the proceedings Perez sat with his chin up while Conti-Salway spent the majority of the time looking down.

East Fork Justice Court Judge Tom Perkins ordered Frankie Perez and Stacy Conti-Salway to appear in Douglas County District Court on Jan. 30 for arraignments.

Perez remains on $500,000 bail and Conti-Salway is on $982,521 bail.