Two men arrested trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine |

Two men arrested trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine

by Rachel Spacek

Two men were arrested Sunday in a traffic stop on suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine.

Clinton A. Neely of Gardnerville, 34, and Patrick MacRoberts of South Lake Tahoe, 45, were arrested in the 700 block of Raab Court after deputies conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle. The dark sedan was reported as a suspicious vehicle earlier in the day and officers observed it traveling westbound with both tail lamps out. Deputies conducted a traffic stop at Yellow Jacket Lane at the intersection of Blue Rock Road. According to reports, officers recognized Neely, the driver, from previous law enforcement contacts.

Neely did not have a valid drivers license on him, but did present the officers with valid insurance. Upon contacting the driver, officers smelled alcohol. The passenger, MacRoberts told officers he had been drinking and also admitted to having a warrant. Neely gave officers permission to search the vehicle, but not the backpacks they had in the vehicle. According to reports, they found cocaine, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. This gave them probable cause to search the backpacks. Deputies allegedly found more methamphetamine and paraphernalia. The total cocaine found within the vehicle weighed 7 grams, the total methamphetamine found weighed 8.3 grams, according to the sheriff’s report.

MacRoberts is on probation. He was arrested on charges of probation violation, trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, two outside warrants and possession of a controlled substance. His bail is set at $59,649.

Neely was arrested on charges of no tail lights, no valid drivers license, possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking methamphetamine and possession of a hypodermic needle. His bail is set at $101,559.

A Gardnerville man was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery and failure to yield.

On Sunday, officers were dispatched to the Carson Valley Medical Center in regard to a physical domestic call. Medical staff told officers a man dropped off the victim and left. The Emergency Room staff told officers the victim had been badly beaten.

According to reports, the victim had blood coming from her mouth, nose, forehead and temple area. Her left temple had an avulsion injury approximately 1.5 inches in length. The victim’s eyes were both bruised and swollen shut. Officers said there was blood coming from both nostrils and she was unable to open her mouth. According to reports, there was swelling and bruising on the victim’s cheeks. There was also dried blood on her pants, legs and feet and a large bruise on her left hip.

Officers asked the victim to recall what had happened, she said she was watching television when, James C. McNeill, 40, attacked her. She could not remember the attack or how she got to the hospital.

Doctors informed deputies the victim had suffered multiple fractures to her face, head, skull and ribs.

The victim told deputies McNeill was driving her white SUV. At 2:45 a.m. Sunday, deputies saw the vehicle in front of Wells Fargo. As an officer approached, the driver ran to the vehicle, opened the door and drove off. According to reports, the vehicle’s lights were not on, causing him to almost run into a bush. Officers followed the vehicle and tried multiple times to get the driver to stop. The vehicle eventually stopped in a parking lot on Highway 395. Officers arrested McNeill for the domestic battery and for failing to stop at their signal.

His bail is set at $25,003.