Trio in car chases appears in court |

Trio in car chases appears in court

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office |

Bail was reduced to $10,000 for a passenger in one of the vehicles involved in two 100 mph chases around Carson Valley on Saturday.

Sunnyvale, Calif., resident Natalie Marie Murphy, 32, appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday morning

Prosecutor Rick Casper said that she had prior drug offenses on her record, but that the state didn’t object to a lower bail. Maria Pence was appointed to represent her.

East Fork Justice Court Tom Perkins left bail alone for the two drivers in the case.

Reno resident Timothy Phillips, 41, who was allegedly driving a rented Mercedes at 125 mph down Highway 395, appeared in justice court on Wednesday.

Perkins appointed attorney Kris Brown to represent Phillips and left his bail at more than $112,000. A March 9 hearing was set for Phillips to return.

Alameda, Calif., resident Sean Edward Stillwell, 38, is being held on more than $38,000 bail.

Casper said Stillwell’s criminal record dates back to 1990. He is accused of being the driver who led deputies and NHP troopers down Mottsville Lane at 100 mph, and then over Kingsbury.

According to court documents, Stillwell and Murphy were believed to have travelled from South Lake Tahoe to Minden to pick Phillips up after he abandoned the Mercedes.

After authorities disengaged from the pursuit, the vehicle was found in the Heavenly Overflow Parking.

According to court documents, Phillips had a room key from a South Lake Tahoe motel. South Lake Tahoe authorities allegedly went to the room and found several items of contraband.

■ More than $33,000 bail stands for a Lake Tahoe man who allegedly flashed a knife at a deputy during a car stop.

Cody James Plummer, 21, appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.

He’s facing a county of assault with a deadly weapon in the Feb. 22 incident at the intersection of Centerville Lane and Rocky Terrace.

Plummer was a passenger in the vehicle. He also faces a charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance. He is due back in court on March 9.