Third DUI results in prison time |

Third DUI results in prison time

by Amy Alonzo

A Florida man with local ties will spend 30 months in prison following his third DUI conviction.

Dara Siev, 43, was pulled over in October 2015 after he was spotted driving recklessly on Highway 395. An open 25-ounce beer was in his cupholder and he had a breath alcohol concentration of .213. The arrest was the third DUI for Siev.

“I lost my mom, I lost my business. When I consume alcohol, the alcohol consumes me,” Siev told judge Tod Young Tuesday in Douglas County District Court.

In addition to prison time, Siev was ordered to pay $2,000. He gets credit for 109 days served.

■ A Stateline man will undergo psychosexual and substance abuse evaluations before he is sentenced.

Lennon R. Allen, 35, was arrested in July of 2015 for allegedly molesting a girl who was 14 years-old at the time.

Allen was intoxicated at the time and claimed to not remember the incident, according to court documents.

Allen entered an Alford guilt plea Tuesday. In an Alford plea, a defendant admits guilt but maintains he or she is innocent.

■ The arraignment of a Gardnerville Ranchos woman who allegedly used a credit card that didn’t belong to her was continued until March 7.

Jennifer A. Alexander, 35, was arrested Nov. 22 after she purportedly used her dad’s card to purchase more than $1,900 in gift cards and cigarettes from the Grant Avenue Walmart.

■ A Mound House woman admitted she possessed methamphetamine when she was pulled over after stealing items from Walmart.

Jessica E. Muench, 35, was arrested following a December traffic stop. Earlier in the day, she and a male had attempted to leave Walmart with items in two shopping carts. When the pair saw security near the exit they returned to the center of the store and rearranged items in the carts. She abandoned a cart with about $900 worth of merchandise and exited the store, telling security she was upset at being watched and followed. At the same time, the male left through a fire exit with a cart of unpaid for merchandise.

Deputies stopped the vehicle on Highway 395. A stolen camera, drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine were found in the vehicle.

Her sentencing is set for April 18.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos woman who violated her probation by having a loaded gun in her car was ordered to attend drug court.

Crystal C. Dean, 39, was arrested in October following a traffic accident at Highway 395 and Mica Drive.

Dean was detained in a patrol car, where, according to court documents, she told deputies “she wanted to get the vodka out of her purse to hide it.”

Dean blew a .222 during a breath test. During the incident, deputies observed a loaded handgun in the vehicle. Dean said she does not know how the gun got there.

Dean was sentenced to 72 months in prison, but the sentence is suspended while she attends drug court.

■ A Gardnerville man admitted he violated his probation by using alcohol and failing to continue mental health counseling.

Jimmie L. Reimann, 65, was arrested Feb. 7 on the charges. He was on probation following a February 2014 arrest near the Minden Medical Center where he was “Wandering about the area, yelling, throwing his arms about and taking off his clothes,” according to court documents.

Reimann was ordered to attend in-patient treatment.

■ The sentencing of a Sacramento man who stole an empty cash drawer from a Cinnabon was continued until April 4.

Brandon M. Lopez, 25, was arrested in October of 2015 after he stole a cash drawer from the Cinnabon at Harvey’s in Stateline. When Lopez discovered the cash drawer was empty, he then kicked in the door at a Cedar Avenue hotel and stole the hotel’s cash drawer.

■ A Gardnerville man who failed to pay more than $2,000 in restitution and fees was found in contempt of court.

Lee M. Lawson, 24, has only paid $20 of the $2,327 he owes from 2013 crimes, including burglarizing the Minden Meat Company.

Lawson told Young he is living on his mom’s couch and using food stamps to buy food.

Young ordered Lawson to begin paying $50 per month starting April 1.

■ A California ex-felon who violated his probation will remain in custody until his March 7 sentencing.

Jeffrey L. Wilson, 45, admitted to possessing a debit card that did not belong to him. Wilson was arrested in 2014 for burglary.

■ A Carson City man who assaulted Douglas County deputies was released on his own recognizance.

Joaquin C. Romero, 24, bit and spit on deputies while housed in Douglas County Jail. Romero will plead guilty but mentally ill to the charges, according to defense attorney Matthew Ence. The matter was continued until Feb. 28.