Theft, drugs lead to prison sentence |

Theft, drugs lead to prison sentence

Gardnerville resident was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison on drug and vehicle theft charges.

David Edward Price, 51, was described as the consigliere in a burglary ring by prosecutors.

“He was providing advice to what they should and shouldn’t do,” Prosecutor Matt Johnson said on Tuesday.

Price aided Bridgett Denial Blair, 41, in a handful of burglaries of homes across Carson Valley. Blair was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison in July and is being held at the Florence McClure Womens Correction Center. A third man, Mika Stickley, is being sought on a nationwide, no-bail warrant after he failed to appear for sentencing on a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit burglary. Stickley was the victim of a May 2 jail cell beating that resulted in three men going to prison.

Blair entered homes between April and August 2019, taking property, weapons and vehicles.

Price admitted to grand larceny of a motor vehicle in connection with an Aug. 18, 2019, burglary in Juniper Valley.

Price had been paroled on a drug possession charge in April 2019. He was still on parole when he was arrested for trafficking in December 2019. According to court documents he had 2.1 ounces of methamphetamine in his possession when he was arrested.

Defense attorney Adam Spicer said that while that was a lot of meth, it was all for Price’s personal use.

“Upon his last release he got back into drugs,” he said. “He’d inherited some money that made it all too easy for him to go back to losing control. He was blowing through money in ways that he shouldn’t have.”

Spicer said while Price and Blair were in a romantic relationship, the real love was that of drugs.

Price wrote a check for $4,000 toward the $9,800 restitution ordered in the case.

Johnson said that Price told Blair all the wrong turns she was taking.

Price said he realized he was out of chances at his sentencing.

“I don’t have any chances left,” he said. “I need to go to prison, but I really need some help. I’ve been in institutions all my life, and I can’t live this life anymore.”