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Teens in court after blowdart attacks

by Leslie Pearson

Two Douglas High School students arrested Monday for allegedly attacking Gardnerville Ranchos residents with blowguns and metal darts will appear in district court next week.

Judge Tod Young placed both students, ages 16 and 17, on house arrest until Tuesday’s appearance.

Young declined to release names of the defendants because it is a juvenile case.

District attorney Zack Wadle asked that the boys remain at the Stateline Juvenile Detention Center, where they had been detained since their arrest, citing his “concern for the safety of the community.”

On Wednesday, Wadle said both boys will be charged as juveniles with battery with a deadly weapon.

Young released both boys to their parents. The boys are cousins and may only leave their homes in the company of a parent or adult family member, he said.

Young appointed attorneys Derrick Lopez and Kris Brown to represent each boy. Their first court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Young asked the cousins if they had anything to say.

“I want to get back to school,” the 17-year-old said. “I don’t want to fail.”

His cousin also cited school and keeping his grades up as reasons he wanted to return home.

He said that he had raised his grade point average to a 2.0 and did not want to fall behind and that he was attending after-school tutoring.

Young told the 16-year-old that he had seen him in court just a few days ago.

“I’m very disappointed to see you back here,” he said.

The 16-year-old has a history with the court and had admitted to obstructing a public police officer during a prior arrest, Wadle said.

His probation officer said that he has shown negative on drug tests, and told the truth about his grades improving.

When his mother cannot pick him up from school, he will be in his aunt’s custody until his mother gets off of work, Young said.

“Will you honor your aunt?” Young asked. “If you give her any trouble, I’ll put you right back where you are.”

The two boys were arrested after four reports that Gardnerville Ranchos residents were being attacked with blowguns and metal darts.

According to a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the attacks began on April 22 and happened on Kimmerling Way and Ritter Drive.

Victim Susan Menneally contacted The Record-Courier via email after being shot in the back with what she described as a four-inch long metal dart.

She and her husband commented on the newspaper’s Facebook page Tuesday and described her attack.