Recording teen girl’s shower results in jail term |

Recording teen girl’s shower results in jail term


A former Minden worship pastor, who videoed a 15-year-old girl while she was showering, was ordered to spend the next 364 days in Douglas County jail.

Mark Andrew Souder, 40, was sentenced Tuesday after he admitted to a gross misdemeanor of capturing an image of the private area of another person.

“This is not her fault,” District Judge Tod Young told Souder in sentencing him to the maximum. “She did nothing wrong. She’s the victim, who had to move. You picked a child to victimize and sexualize.”

According to court documents, Souder placed his cell phone in a way that he could record the girl 8-10 times over the course of a year.

She caught him and told her older sister, who then told their mother.

The Record-Courier is withholding the specific relationship between Souder and the teenager in order to protect her identity.

The girl’s father asked Young to sentence Souder to the maximum.

“She has had to move three times over the past year,” he said. “He took my daughter’s innocence. Her life has been forever changed and his life should be, too.”

Souder quit his job at the church in 2017 and the family sold their home and moved to California.

He waived his preliminary hearing in the case on June 6 and entered a guilty plea on July 17.

“I’m guilty and deserve worse punishment than jail,” he told Young.

However the judge said Souder minimized the crime.

Prosecutor Erik Levin agreed, saying the crime involved a betrayal of trust.

Levin said he originally charged the crime as a felony, but the videos couldn’t be recovered from the phone.