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Teen must register as sex offender

by Aurora Sain

After relationships with two underage girls, a teenager was sentenced on Tuesday for charges relating to the crimes.

Brandon Isaac Clark, 19, was convicted on the gross misdemeanor charge of statutory sexual seduction.

Clark was already in jail serving time for violating a restraining order by talking to his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend.

In addition to a relationship with a minor, he was also found guilty of sexual relations with a 12-year-old girl.

During Clark’s psychosexual evaluation, the doctor noted that he was resistant to answer questions and not sought to control it.

“I’ve been on a path of bad behavior since I was young,” said Clark. “I know it’s hard to change immediately.”

Judge Tod Young gave Clark and his underage ex-girlfriend a chance to speak before making his decision.

His ex described their relationship as flawed and controlling, noting that he broke her heart by engaging with a 12-year-old.

“Gross emotional harm is the perfect example of why age of consent is important,” said Young.

Young suspended the 364 days Clark was to spend in jail, and instead put him on probation for 36 months.

During those 36 months, Clark is required to get a job, go to therapy, and abide by all the rules set out by his probation officer.

He is also subject to polygraph testing, can’t use the internet without permission from his parole officer and has to register as a sex offender before he is released from custody on Saturday.

He has 60 days from Saturday to pay $178 in fees, and the remaining three years of his probation to pay $1,105 in restitution to the state.