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Tahoe man faces prison in DUI


A Lake Tahoe man faces 2-15 years in prison after he admitted to a charge of driving under the influence with a prior felony conviction.

David Roberto Deaguilera, 33, changed his plea on Monday to guilty, vacating a four-day June 23 trial.

Deaguilera confirmed that he’d been drinking on May 21, 2019, when he lost control of a Subaru near the top of Kingsbury Grade.

He was free on bail until May 18 when he was spotted driving away from a court hearing where his trial was confirmed. Deputies stopped him in Minden for driving on a suspended drivers license and he fled from them.

He was taken into custody after about an hour and has been in jail since.

He was previously convicted of a felony DUI in Florida in 2005. Under Nevada law, any subsequent DUI after a felony is enhanced. Deaguilera will be held in jail without bail until he is scheduled to appear for sentencing on July 20.

■ A June 17 trial was vacated after a man accused of lewdness with a 5-year-old child pleaded guilty but mentally ill on Tuesday.

Jayson Kagan, 22, also admitted to a charge of attempted lewdness with a child under the age of 14 and attempted battery by a prisoner. The attempted lewdness charge carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 14. Kagan has been in custody since March 2018 when he was originally arrested on the charges.

■ A Lake Tahoe man, who dropped out of drug court, had his 12-34-month prison sentence imposed on Monday.

Renick W. Morris, 39, was ordered to complete drug court on June 26, 2017, but absconded the following year. He was the subject of regional media attention when he failed to turn up in court in 2018.

He was taken back into drug court in January, but failed out this month. During Monday’s hearing, it was revealed Morris had another felony possession case where he faces sentencing.

■ A 21-year-old Reno woman who admitted to having a severe alcohol problem received a suspended 12-36-month prison sentence for holding a knife to a man’s throat in January.

Cora Quin Martinez admitted in March to assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the Jan. 26 incident.

Under the sentence, she will be required to undergo a treatment program.

“I want to show you the great things I’m capable of,” she said. “I have an alcohol problem, but I’m going to work on the problem.”

Martinez said she would drink every other day or every day.

“When I did drink, I would drink to the point of oblivion to where I didn’t know who I was anymore,” she said.

She has a case out of Carson City for an incident that occurred with a ride-sharing service and was on specialty court

Once she has dealt with her Carson case, she was ordered to remain in custody until a bed is available.

■ A Carson City woman who embezzled more than $28,000 from the Ridge Tahoe received a suspended 12-36-month prison sentence and ordered to make restitution.

Salvacion Medina, 68, admitted to a felony embezzlement in February and was supposed to return to court with $5,000 at sentencing.

She did bring $1,050, and her attorney said she has a plan in place to earn money for restitution.

■ A California man who was passing fake payroll checks at the Topaz Lodge died while awaiting sentencing.

Jonathan Lee Schofield, 35, died May 12, according to attorney Maria Pence.

Schofield admitted to passing the checks and agreed to pay half of the $9,752 restitution to court with him.

■ An ex-felon who admitted to being drunk when he caused a Nov. 22, 2019, vehicle collision was received simultaneous 14-36-month sentences on Tuesday.

Anthony Charles Cervantes, 57, pleaded with District Judge Tod Young not to send him to prison, saying he believed it would be a death sentence.

“There’s a large element of you that’s a fraud,” Young said.

Cervantes was on probation from another DUI when the collision occurred.

He claimed he got out of the vehicle and checked on the victims in the crash, but none of the witnesses confirmed that statement, prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said on Tuesday.

“He was driving on his rims and sparks were flying, leaving a mark as he drove home,” she said.

Cervantes had a .195 blood alcohol content.

Attorney William Cole sought a diversion for his client which would have resulted in his not going to prison.

Cervantes has nine prior felony convictions and has done time in prison in the past for theft-related charges.