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Tahoe man drives off from traffic stop, leaving ID

A South Lake Tahoe man is facing a charge of felony eluding after he pulled away from a traffic stop, leaving the deputy in possession of his California ID card.

The 58-year-old was taken into custody last week on a warrant issued as a result of the Nov. 30 traffic stop in Stateline.

A deputy stopped the man, who was driving a 1996 Suzuki, after conducting a registration check that revealed the vehicle registration had expired in 2015, even though it had a 2018 decal.

When asked, the man allegedly told the deputy his registration was expired, he didn’t have a license or insurance on the vehicle. He handed the deputy his identification card.

A background check revealed that there were no warrants for the arrest, but his license was suspended for failing to appear in court.

As the deputy was on the radio, the man drove off to California. The deputy didn’t pursue, and contacted South Lake Tahoe police. The warrant was issued out of Tahoe Township Justice Court.