Suspected Ranchos burglar in custody |

Suspected Ranchos burglar in custody

Staff Reports

A box of collectables was recovered after a man suspected of trying to enter a Gardnerville Ranchos home was arrested Thursday.

Gardnerville resident Joshua Gutierrez, 25, was booked at 3 p.m. after being identified in the case at his place of business.

During the arrest a box of collectables, coins and currency not belonging to Gutierrez was found in his vehicle.

Anyone who has been the victim of a theft with the loss of collectables, coins or currency, should contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division at 782-9080.

■ Two men were arrested early Friday morning for attempted burglary at the Gardnerville Walmart.

Joshua L. Ezekiel, 32, and Allison R. Lyle, 52, both of Carson City, were arrested at around 1:30 a.m.

Douglas County Sheriff deputies responded to the Walmart after a burglary alarm was activated.

Ezekiel was found hiding inside the tire and lube center with a pair of wire cutters on him. The package for the wire cutters, as well as some other tools, were found stashed in a pile of tires.

Ezekiel said he was with Lyle, who deputies found in the parking lot. Deputies found items sold at Walmart in the pair’s vehicle. The men did not have proof of purchase.

Security camera footage showed that Lyle had distracted a Walmart employee by asking where the bathroom was while Ezekiel climbed through a car battery rack and then entered a door that triggered the alarm.